21 day challenge – day FIVE

Daily gratitudes:
1. Thoughtful friends
2. Funny Internet videos
3. Naps. Perspective naps.

Naps (and self care reminders): after a fairly down and depressed period I decided to have a nap.. Well, actually – the nap snuck up on me. But it did put everything in perspective and remind me that my heightened state of stress can be helped by taking care of myself.

21 day challenge – day FOUR

Daily gratitudes:
1. Coffee deliveries!
2. Healthy shopping baskets and delicious dinners
3. Van related epiphanies!

The van plan – I have been having many epiphanies lately… Solutions to troubling issues have been popping into my head and I can feel my path starting to align once again. It gives me a hopeful and excited feeling in the pit of my stomach… I can sense that even more wonderful things are just around the corner 😀

21 day challenge – day THREE

1. Breakfast with my bestie, shouted by my bestie!
2. A pleasant and kind daughter

My wee one made me so proud today with her thoughtfulness and positivity. She was practically bouncing as we purchased the things required to put together a care package. She thought of others while we shopped and commented often on items she thought would be of interest to our friends and family – showing great empathy and understanding for those she cares about.

One proud mamabear over here!!

21 day challenge – day TWO

Three gratitudes:
1. A BATH!
2. Friends that become family
3. Business saving ideas

‘business saving ideas’
A business proposal concept sprung to mind today. It has the potential to PROPERLY launch the rest of the business! The idea, shared and built with my sister seems to be a sure way to improve the odds of my business succeeding, not just putting along to a slow death. This has given me hope and made me really positive about the possibilities that will be available to me if this succeeds!!

Onwards and upwards!

21 day challenge – day ONE

THREE new things I am grateful for today:
1. Hitting rock bottom.
2. Friends that are on the same path as myself.
2. The 21 day happiness challenge!

‘Hitting rock bottom’
I spent the first half of this morning weeping. I wrote a list of all the things that weren’t going right in my life. I. Was. Miserable.
I _know_ the tools for optimism. I know that thinking positively and taking care of myself and my thought patterns has a huge impact on not just how I feel but how the world responds to me. But even though I know these things, one too many curve balls had knocked the knowledge from my head.
I knew that I needed to pick myself up, dust myself off and refocus. But I couldn’t see how and I couldn’t work out how to ask for help… So the universe sent me a life line!
I was open and ready to receive the instructions of the 21 day challenge:
3 gratitudes
Journal one of them
Random acts of kindness.
In fact, I had a bunch of them already written on my to do sheet… I just needed a shove and a sign that I was heading in the right direction!
I’m feeling much clearer and focused and I don’t think I’d have been ready to channel this focus without hitting rock bottom!
Onwards and upwards! (I’m off for a walk around the lake!!)

Trials and tribulations

I have been bogged down these last few weeks – drama and issues have been abundant.

I’m calling a stop to that now.

I’m asking for $1000 a week wages for me from my view point activities.

I’m asking for my car to be repaired, inexpensively.

I’m asking for the business to become profitable (to pay me said wages!)

I’m asking for this to come smoothly and easily.

I’m ready.

I am thankful for the connections I’ve made within the community.

I’m thankful for the staff you have sent!

I’m thankful for my family and friends.

I’m ready to be successful